Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos/Find and Replace

Find Replace with Case Sentitive Regex MultiLine SingleLine Minor After fixes Enabled Comment
1 True change double spaces to one space
2 .. . True replace double full stop with one full stop
3 ) ) True remove space between bracket
4 ) . ). True
5 ɤ ɣ True change the wrong character ɤ in Charly keyboard, and replacec it with ɣ
6 bugum buɣum True replace g with ɣ
7 Dagomba Dagbamba True replace g with ɣ
8 Dagbani Dagbanli True
9 piibu piibu piibu-piibu True
10 ] ] True space before curly bracket
11 kadi ka di True
12 tingbani tiŋgbani True change the n to ŋ
13 n daa n-daa True Put a dash/hyphen in between them
14 n ti n-ti True
15 tingbanni tiŋgbaŋ ni True change n to ŋ in Tingbani and separate the ni from it