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== Feminism and Folklore 2022 - Local prize winners ==
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Congratulations for winning a local prize in '''[[:m:Feminism and Folklore 2022/Project Page|Feminism and Folklore 2022]]''' writing competition. Thank you for your contribution and documenting your local folk culture on Wikipedia. Please fill in your preferences before 15th of June 2022 to receive your prize. Requesting you to fill [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScK5HgvVaLph_r_afctwShUuYVtXNwaN24HUSEYnzUUho8d-Q/viewform?usp=sf_link this form] before the deadline to avoid disappointments.
Feel free to [[:m:Feminism and Folklore 2022/Contact Us|contact us]] if you need any assistance or further queries.
Best wishes,
[[:m:Feminism and Folklore 2022|FNF 2022 International Team]]
::::Stay connected [[File:B&W Facebook icon.png|link=https://www.facebook.com/feminismandfolklore/|30x30px]]&nbsp; [[File:B&W Twitter icon.png|link=https://twitter.com/wikifolklore|30x30px]]
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