Ŋun su yɛltɔɣa:Issahiddris: Waligimsim din be labiteei balibu ni.

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:Pls can kindly guide me on how to add the necessary bala? Thank u [[Ŋun su:Issahiddris|Issahiddris]] ([[Ŋun su yɛltɔɣa:Issahiddris|Yɛltɔɣa]]) 00:36, 28 Silimin gɔli March 2022 (GMT)
:@[[Ŋun su:Sabon Harshe|Sabon Harshe]] Thank you for the village stub category. For now, all the added villages have been linked to their respective wikidata items by the respective users who have created them using the the <nowiki>{{Databox}}</nowiki> template. Please kindly clarify if want us to add further specific details. [[Ŋun su:Dnshitobu|Dnshitobu]] ([[Ŋun su yɛltɔɣa:Dnshitobu|Yɛltɔɣa]]) 12:51, 28 Silimin gɔli March 2022 (GMT)
::The <nowiki>{{Databox}}</nowiki> templates need to be enabled by linking them to other language versions of Wikipedia. Or you can add them manually to Wikidata entries. That's it and happy editing! [[Ŋun su:Sabon Harshe|Sabon Harshe]] ([[Ŋun su yɛltɔɣa:Sabon Harshe|Yɛltɔɣa]]) 16:56, 20 Silimin gɔli April 2022 (GMT)